Thursday, December 20, 2012

Business Centers – A convenient office option for small businesses

In a recent report by a leading newspaper, the property rentals in Indian cities are expected to keep on rising due to the increased demand. Out of these, the rentals of commercial properties would increase even more compared to the residential ones. The National Capital Region especially Delhi and Gurgaon are not an exception in this and the community which will get affected by this steep surge in prices would be the people who are either planning or running a startup. 

When you start a new venture, you always try to keep the expenses at a minimum, be it your official expenses or related to manpower resources. In the initial months, you don’t have the luxury of renting a swanky office in a posh locality or hiring someone having an Ivy League badge. So you have to compromise on the office you take. On the other hand, if you do not have a decent office your prospective clients would not take you seriously. This is a vicious circle. Curse it on the Indian culture or the traditional business mindset, India does not have a garage startup culture yet. So how can you come out of this deadlock? That’s where the business centers come to an entrepreneur’s rescue. 

The concept of businesscenters in Delhi is quite new. A business center is a shared office space in a swanky building (not necessarily) and in a decent locality, maintained by a third party organization. It provides all the facilities required to run a small business such as internet, electricity & power backup, furniture & other infrastructure, a reception area, a meeting & conference room and all other amenities required. These business centers offer different customized packages to startups and small businesses. As an entrepreneur, you just need to sign up for any of their package and in return you get a decent address to print on your marketing collaterals, a phone number on which a receptionist would take the calls and a place to host your meetings. Technically it would be your office which you can flaunt to your clients. 

Even if you need to have spaces for your staff and yourself to work, you can choose a different package in which you get a shared seating space. With the kind of convenience people get in these business centers, the demand is getting higher every day. Recently a number of companies have set up their business centers in Gurgaon and Delhi to ease out the pressure. In a nut shell, these business centers are making the life of a startup guy more comfortable and convenient.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From The Owner`s Pen...

Hi there ...
Foots and Yards is the culmination of the idea that germinated in my mind during my stint at IIFT.After competing my MBA from IIFT i made it a point that this idea takes the shape of reality in the truest sense.Today the company is on its feet ,ably supported by our team.
This is my brainchild ,but i want it to become a company which not only transcends the rules of the game of the real estate sector and become a forerunner in the field of providing the most transparent and efficient services to all our clients.
Foots and yards as the name longs to offer is all about measurement, all in right proportion ,honesty in handling deals,alacrity in handling reqests and redressals, and efficiency & expertise in handling various demands of our clients.Also i sincerely believe that getting the right team and keeping up their morale high is one of the most important task of an entrepreneur.We at Foots and Yards strive to have the right set of people to help you and believe me ,they all are experts in their work.

Hopefully, we all at foots and yards can bring smiles upon the faces of our clients and with the best wishes of you all our firm can continue to scale new hights.

With Warm Regards
Gaurav Luthra
Managing Director
Foots and Yards Real Estate Consultants


Welcome to Foots & Yards the only place you’ll ever need to consult for all your real estate needs.

To us it matters if you’re First time home buyers, or a Real Estate Investor, our specialist will always guide you in the most effective and friendly way possible. For us, buying is not just a process; it’s a profit making decision for our customers.

Through experience, we know that selecting a property for personal or investment use is always a time consuming and tedious task. That is why we make sure through our process, sale, purchase or renting becomes as EASY, SIMPLE, CONVENIENT and NON TIME CONSUMING.